Much like anything good, RIVAL CONSULTANTS was born over a few cups of coffee. My goal was simple: to help others reach their dreams. I am continuously learning and adapting to the changing world around us. Anyone can tout experience and skills, but for me, relationships are the focus. Individuals have always been my driving factor. You are the reason I am excited to go to work every day. Our story is just beginning, and I would love to have you along for the ride.



Drew has spent over 10 years navigating the waters of the music industry. He's consulted with record labels, managed bands, booked national tours, and played guitar on three Billboard Top 10 singles. He received degrees in Business Management & Social Entrepreneurship from Samford University. Shortly thereafter, Drew dove headfirst into the coffee industry. He's played a major part in starting 25+ coffee programs and knows what it takes to launch a successful business from the ground up. He currently lives in Birmingham, AL with a wife (who is way out of his league) and a beautiful little girl.